Quib – a new site for moment-by-moment film commentary

Hey everyone! If the Cameron Laventure Blog seems a little bare lately, that’s because I’ve been writing the bulk of my film analysis at a new site called Quib (at quib.co), where you can read and write fascinating moment-by-moment commentaries on great movies. I’d like to plug that site right now, if you have a minute.

Quib works a bit like Soundcloud, but for movies; you select a film, start a timer, follow along with your own copy of the film, and write observations, critiques, pieces of trivia, and whatever else suits your fancy. Your comments are synced up to specific scenes and moments throughout the movie, to be enjoyed and discussed by similarly-inclined cinephiles. It’s a great way to read good commentary, get your own writing out there, and engage with an up-and-coming film-loving community.

The site is young, so only a few writers have gotten on board so far (including myself), and I know the site’s creator would be interested to hear any suggestions for improving the interface. So if you’d like to give Quib a whirl, the following video explains the details more thoroughly:


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